Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Why Selecting the Right 401k Rollover Provider is Vital

Once you retire, change jobs or simply leave your current place of employment, it is recommended that you roll your employer-sponsored plan into a self-directed IRA. So, if you have a now-inactive 401k, 403b, 457 or other retirement account that your employer sponsored, it is time to find a rollover provider to act as the custodian of that account.

401k rollover providers, also known as IRA custodians or IRA providers, are easy to find. Their commercials are in newspapers, online, on television and many of us pass their local brokers’ offices on a regular basis. Selecting a custodian for your retirement account, however, is not like choosing between the McDonald’s on Main Street or the Burger King on Poplar Ave. Careful thought, consideration and planning need to go into choosing the right IRA custodian for you.

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When doing your homework, consider the following factors for each custodian:

     annual fees
     transaction fees
     liquidation fees
     account closure fees
     location in relation to you
     customer service reputation
     pending or recent legal issues
     investments offered
     broker accessibility

Other factors must be taken into consideration too, and depending on your circumstances some factors may carry more weight than others. Regardless of your personal preferences, reputation is of the utmost importance and you can verify a provider’s reputation by considering online reviews as well as knowing the length of time the company has been in business.

401k vs. IRA

Having to do research and homework are not tasks most people enjoy, so has made it easy to find an IRA provider that meets your needs. Our database contains thousands of brokers and companies that want your business. Locate providers by city, state, zip code and rating. If you want to make things really easy, just call us directly at (800) 767-1423 and let an unbiased, non-commissioned 401k rollover adviser help you. Visit 401k Rollover today and see how easy and empowering it is to flex your financial muscle with a 401k rollover to a self-directed IRA.

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