Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Tell the World What You Think about Your 401k Rollover Company at

If you rolled over a 401k recently, you can tell other U.S. workers about your experience by going to 401k Rollover and rating the 401k rollover company you used. lists over 5,000 U.S. 401k rollover providers, the largest such online database in existence. If you recently rolled over a 401k, 403, TSP or IRA, the 401k rollover company you used is likely in this website’s database. allows investors to rate IRA custodians on a scale of zero to five stars. The website is also considering adding a section for clients to write about their individual experiences with each company.

If you don’t see your 401k rollover provider listed (or if you represent a licensed retirement account custodian), click on the “Add a Provider” link at the top of the home page or call (800) 767-1423 to add the company to our ever-expanding database. Hundreds of new 401k rollover providers are added each week.

Why should you rate and review the retirement account company you used?

49% of Americans over age 55 have said that they don’t have enough money saved for retirement, no thanks to the recession, which drained as much as $16 trillion from Americans’ retirement accounts. There are over 52 million 401k plans in existence in the United States, and many 401k plan owners are desperate to find a way to save more money for retirement. The two-fold benefit of rating your retirement account provider is that you help other investors find the best retirement account rollover provider, and you pressure the IRA companies themselves to meet their clients’ expectations.

To rate your retirement account provider, or find a highly-rated 401k rollover provider for yourself, visit today. Alternatively, you can call at (800) 767-1423 to speak with the 401k rollover help desk, get a free 401k rollover brochure, and find the best 401k rollover provider in your area.

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