Friday, 31 July 2015

4 Reasons to Visit when Considering a Retirement Account Rollover

401k plan administrators, IRA custodians and commission-based investment brokers may feel pressured to put their respective agendas ahead of investors’ needs, so a recently-launched 401k rollover website has compiled a database of retirement account custodians across the United States.

This database of 401k rollover providers is located at, and the following 4 features have transformed this website into the “go-to” source for free 401k rollover information: 

1.    You can search for 401k rollover providers by state, name, or ZIP code.

If doing business with your IRA custodian on a face-to-face basis is important to you, you can use’s location-based search features. Choose a state name to view a list of 401k rollover providers in said state, or enter your ZIP code to find providers within a 25-mile radius. You can also search for IRA custodians by name in case you were referred by someone or know immediately that you want to work with a specific company and/or broker.

2.    The site’s “Top 401k Rollovers” section offers details on some of the best 401k rollover providers in the United States.

Because each investor’s situation and needs are different, there is no mold of the “best” 401k rollover provider. However, some 401k rollover advisers have earned investors’ trust (not to mention referrals) through their transparency and superior customer service reviews. has an entire page dedicated to 401k rollover advisers who are known for going the extra mile for clients. 

3.    Reviewing previous investors’ ratings of 401k rollover providers could help inexperienced retirement account owners  learn from the mistakes of others.

Each 401k rollover provider’s individual page on the top-level domain contains a section which allows that provider’s clients (or former clients) to rate the company on a scale of 1 to 5 stars in a variety of categories. While savvy investors won’t likely base their 401k rollover decisions on this rating alone, it’s a valuable factor to consider when choosing an IRA custodian.   

4.    The website offers free, live telephone assistance on a 24/7 basis.

If something you see at catches your eye, you can call a 401k rollover adviser 24/7 at (800) 767-1423 to request your free 401k rollover guide or ask for clarification about your potential 401k rollover eligibility. Many of the 52 million U.S. workers who have employer-sponsored retirement accounts live overseas, so the 24/7 toll-free hotline allows investors to get the help they need, when they need it.

Conclusion doesn’t sell retirement account investments, nor does it make any guarantees about 401k and IRA investment price fluctuations. By logging on to, you’re entering a database of over 5,000 401k rollover providers that could potentially help you maintain or improve your current standard of living. To speak with a non-commissioned retirement account rollover adviser today, call (800) 767-1423 to “flex your financial muscle” via a TSP, 403b or 401k rollover to a self-directed IRA.

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